Has your health care provider ever said:

“We can’t find anything wrong with you”?


If so, you need to check out NES Health. NES is the brilliant union of ancient wisdom, leading-edge technology and three decades of research into bio-energetics. Finally, an effective system for people with chronic ailments.


Special NES Health Demonstration and Q&A Sessions:

We are planning live and web-based info and Q&A sessions for FALL 2019 – check back soon!

Dear Friend,

These past 12 years I’ve been so proud of my patients for their commitment to health; willingness to learn more, change their diets, supplement thoughtfully, do research  and explore the subtler levels of health.  However, in spite of their best efforts, many still suffer with unresolved conditions that have not improved with diet, exercise, western or eastern medicine or buckets of positive thinking.

Do you know anyone who fits that description?

I have searched for years, even traveling to Central America, to investigate available systems for healing the body at the level of quantum mechanics. I am excited beyond words to have found a system that is objective, effective and used successfully world-wide for over 10 years with remarkable results.
Imagine the implications of a system that marries the wisdom from powerful, ancient healing traditions with modern technology and three decades of scientific research into energy medicine!

I invite you to experience a bio-energetic healing system like none other; it’s called
NES Health.

Please join me and together we can create a health revolution!!

In Health,


No more waiting for results. No more wondering what to do. Everything is at your fingertips!

NES Health offers a unique protocol that isolates the source of ailments and makes corrections that allow the body to finally heal itself. The NES Health view of health is that biology is ultimately controlled by energy and information.

Decades of research into quantum mechanics has proven that there is an underlying field of information and energy which controls the body beyond the level of the cells. NES Health has named this the Human Body-Field.

The Human Body-Field fills the role of conductor for all bodily functions. Distortions and interferences in that field can lead the body to chronic problems and diminishing health.

The multi-pronged approach of the NES Health system finds and corrects energetic distortions, which in turn allows the Body-Field, and ultimately the physical body, to more easily reclaim its optimal functioning.