Patient Preparation Sheet/Breast Scan

Breast Health Screening with Clinical Thermography

Purpose of test:
For early detection of abnormal changes in the breasts requiring further diagnostic testing

Patient Preparation:
Prior to your appointment do not (on the day of):

  • have physical therapy or electromyography
  • use a tanning booth and avoid overexposure to the sun
  • have strenuous exercise
  • smoke for 2 hours prior
  • shave your underarms or use lotions, powders, anti‐perspirants or makeup on the chest area
  • perform skin brushing
  • use essential oils
  • have body work (massage, etc)
  • have kidney dialysis

Do not have acupuncture treatment within 3 days prior to appointment. Wait 3 months post surgery and 6 months post radiation therapy to schedule an appointment.

If your hair falls below your neck you should wear it clipped or pinned up.

Attire – Loose fitting clothes and no jewelry around the neck.

No changes necessary for diet or medication.

General Information

Procedure is non‐invasive, no‐contact, no radiation and FDA Registered.

Disrobing – remove all upper body clothing and jewelry. Put on a gown or sarong supplied. Inform your thermographer if you had any recent skin lesions on your breast; the inflammation may cause a false positive result.

Thermography is performed by a female certified clinical thermographer and is completely private.
There are no risks and no side effects.
The initial appointment lasts about 1 hour; followups are 30 minutes long.
Please bring your healthcare provider’s name and address if you want a copy mailed to him/her.

We gladly accept all forms of payment including cash, checks, credit/debit cards or HSA cards.

You are welcome to bring a companion or partner to be present during the scan.

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