Who Should have Breast Screenings

Thermal imaging is for women of all ages. It’s especially helpful for women between 30 and 50 who may not yet have started mammograms due to the density of their breasts. Thermography can provide an objective indication that some area of the breast may need closer examination.

Breast disease tends to progress more quickly in women under the age of 50:

Under 50 80 days
Age 50 – 70 157 days
Over age 70 188 days

Source: Cancer 71:3547-3551, 1993

The faster a malignant tumor grows, the more infrared radiation it emits. Thermal imaging can lead to earlier detection, particularly in younger women.

Below are the 5 views taken for thermal breast screening. You can see that the entire breast region is imaged, not just the breast proper. This allows assessment of the breast tissue extending above and to the sides of the breast. Additionally, assessment is made of the lymph nodes in the armpit area. Even though thermography is not a replacement for mammograms, thermal imaging can image vital areas that the mammogram does not reach.

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